The Pittsburgh Technology Council hosts a variety of events and event series to educate, inspire and connect the various sectors of Creative Technology.

Innovator Series  The Art + Tech Initiative has been advocating fusion thinking since its inception. The concept of the left brain and right brain working in tandem is a cornerstone for innovation. This series focuses on the interplay between this duality, and raises awareness of the essential value of the intuitional, creative aspect of technology and business.

Internationally-acclaimed author, Dan Pink, joined us for the kick off of this series in 2011. His book, A Whole New Mind, focuses specifically on the process of moving from the age of information, to the age of conception. In 2012, Roger Martin, one of the forefathers of Integrative Thinking, hosted our 2nd annual Innovator event, and shared ideas about creativity, innovation and success.
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Get Interactive Series  To get ahead in today’s digital culture, you need to get engaged in the ever-changing trends of technology. This series is dedicated to raising awareness about the everyday use of tech by individuals and businesses, and how either can utilize these trends to further their mission.
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Creative Clash Series
Join us for Networking Nights with the Creative Technology Network and some of the region’s leading art and technology community organizations. Partners include The Carnegie Museum of Art, ASSEMBLE and more!  Click here for upcoming Creative Clash events.

Entertainment Technology Series Entertainment tech is a leading-edge force in the marketplace. From gaming, to animation, to production, film and media ~ the world of entertainment technology is changing the face of entertainment as we know it.

The 2012 Robot Hall of  Fame Induction Ceremony in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University. The Robot Hall of Fame recognizes excellence in robotics technology worldwide and honors the fictional and real robots that have inspired and made breakthrough accomplishments in robotics.

David Conrad talks about Entertainment Technology In Pittsburgh