Birdbrain Labs, a new startup based in Squirrel Hill, is launching Tech-to-Go, a nomadic pop-up retailer.

Tech-to-Go will be offering electronic components and kits aimed at
the Hacker/Maker/Arist communities in Pittsburgh. They will be
popping up at convienent locations around Pittsburgh with weekly
“office hours” at Assemble, Hack Pittsburgh, dorkbot, Carnegie Mellon,
and other events and spaces.

Tech-to-Go’s grand opening will be at Assemble from 10am to 2pm with
free donuts and coffee.

Assemble is a new artspace venue in the Penn Ave Arts District,
located at 5125 Penn Ave. Physical and nonphysical social and
creative connections are fostered through film screenings, happenings,
workshops, lectures, and community activities. Founded on the
concepts of sustainability, community, science, architecture, new
media, and lowtech/hightech art, assemble is a place for creation!
Tech-to-go will be keeping weekly hours at Assemble Saturdays 10-2.

In addition to a nomadic prescense at various sites, orders taken
through the Tech-to-Go website at will be
delivered same-day to certain locations in Pittsburgh. This
innovative business model will allow Tech-to-Go to minimize operating
costs while providing customers with quick and convenient access to
the electronics they need.

For more information, contact:
Ben Peoples
President, Birdbrain Labs LLC