TAV, Encyclopedia Destructica & the International Year of Astrology Align for a Stellar Conjunction on 9/11


Friday, September 11, 2009
@ the Encyclopedia Destructica Studios
156 41st Street, Lawrenceville

artwork by
Christopher Kardambikis
Andrew Negrey
Luke Meeken

video by
Peter Burr
Ryan Murray

Tav is an open group of artists, writers, filmmakers, and musicians whose collective works are compiled and released several times each year in special themed issues. Tav’s second issue, out now on CD, contains over one hundred individual pieces of fiction, poetry, painting, drawing, video, and song from Pittsburgh natives and national contributors.

In honor of the designation of 2009 as the International Year of Astrology, Tav chose an exploration of the mythology of space as its curatorial center.  Complete with an introduction animation inspired by the midnight laser shows of the Carnegie Science Center, every element of Tav bears a direct or loose relation to this theme.  Consistent in all works is a sense of isolation, an investigation of the inner world, the hidden world, the otherworld, and the unknown, and an attempt to capture and understand the singular mystique and insular nature of both the individual and the universe she creates.

Hooliganship, a two-person art and music group featuring the collective efforts of Peter Burr and Christopher Doulgeris, former Pittsburgh residents and graduates of Carnegie Mellon University,  was selected as the featured contributor for Issue 2.  Hooliganship’s Adventure and Gylden Load videos, as well as several music tracks and videos by solo artist Peter Burr can be found on Issue 2.

In addition to works by the featured contributor, Tav contains individual works of fiction and poetry from David C. Casey, Eric Delp, Svetoslav Ivanov, Adrien Jensen, Stephanie Luczajko and Jessica Smucker; new selections of Character Bank, a collaborative open-source charater project, by Sonja Crafts and J. Young; painting and drawing by Christopher Kardambikis, Luke Meeken, Ryan Murray, and James Weaver; a new installment of Harmolipi Twp., a comic by Andrew Negrey, accompanied by collectible Planet Cards; video by Bum Lee, Ryan Murray and Luke Meeken and Andrew Negrey (introduction); and over two dozen MP3 tracks including Adventures in Trenoland 2, the complete second album of the New York based 8-bit musician Action/Adventure, as well as music by Aoru Mora, The Magic Sound Machine, The Sleeping World, Tricycle Bicycle Cycle, and Voodoo Pharmacology.

Tav is a nonexclusive and ever-changing association of creative individuals, originally forming in 2007 as a means to facilitate collaborative projects and orchestrate sympathetic artistic efforts among several relocated Pittsburgh residents.

Tav: Issue 2 will retail for $5. The publication will be available at www.tav.ind.in as well as various local bookstores, shops, and art festivals.

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  3. rosachu^^ – May I just say what a wonderful job you’ve done with Lilly & Kwok? You’ve crtauped her at her most natural yet beautiful moments and Kwok looks great and comfortable in all of them! Man, I wish my sister had talents like you! wink~*Miss you all lotz! Keep up the great work, and oh, did Lilly tell you? I am also getting married next year~ yeah~! ^^September 24, 2011 9:23 AM

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